We always Swim for a cause … In 2020 we swam against COVID and raised funds for Caritas and Chaine du Bonheur, beating our target and raising around 12’000 CHF to help the most affected by the economic context due to the pandemic .

In our second season, we want to move forward and Swim for HOPE.

Same purpose, new goal: raise 50’000 CHF to fight against Childhood Cancer.

Cancer is the leading cause of death from disease in children. In Switzerland, one child dies from Cancer each week. We want to support the children and their families from the beginning to the end of this ordeal by supporting these three associations that work locally for children’s therapy, well-being and confidence.

The goal of the CANSEARCH Foundation is to support medical research projects to fight against childhood cancer.

Childhood cancer is the leading cause of death from disease in children, and only 2% of funds allocated to cancer research go to pediatric cancer, with the majority of funds going to cancer of the adult.rove survival to adulthood.

Thanks to advances in medicine, 8 out of 10 sick children are now cured of cancer. However, not all can be saved and for many of them this cure comes at the cost of serious relapses and sequelae due in part to the toxicity of the treatments.

Scientific projects carried out by the CANSEARCH research platform in pediatric oncology and hematology at the University of Geneva, mainly in pharmacogenomics (personalized or precision medicine), aim to adapt therapies to the genetics of young patients in order to reduce toxicity and improve survival to adulthood.


Presentation of the Intervalle Association – a home for parents of hospitalized children.

The Intervalle Association has been welcoming and accommodating parents of children hospitalized in the immediate vicinity of the CHUV for 18 years. The Intervalle house is intended to be a warm welcome place at the service of families. 20 rooms are available to them, and several common and friendly spaces are provided to facilitate their stay. The garden with trees and landscaped for young children is a privileged place of relaxation for families.

The families hosted come from Switzerland, and also from Europe, because both the CHUV and the Jules Gonin Ophthalmic Hospital are state-of-the-art hospitals, and parents sometimes come from far away to give their child a chance for recovery.


Léman Hope offers children and adolescents in remission from cancer to regain self-confidence and rebuild themselves through sailing, adventure and sharing by offering them a cruise of 4 days and 4 nights on Lake Geneva. The magic happens when young people find themselves in an atmosphere where everyone understands each other, where everyone has a role, where surpassing oneself, discovery, exchange and play follow one another in a benevolent and reassuring environment. Its ambition: to offer this “life-changing experience” to all young people in Switzerland who are rebuilding after cancer.