Léman Hope, cap sur la Confiance !

We support young people in remission from cancer in Switzerland by helping them to rebuilt their confidence through sailing and adventure.

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“On Léman hope trip  you don’t have to explain exactly what you’ve got, no pity, just understanding.
We can cheer each other up and encourage each other.”
Emma 14 years old 


“The Léman hope trip allowed me to get to know other people’s point of view on their illness”.
Alexandre 16 years old


“Yes, it did me good to see people who have been through the same thing as me.”
Zoé 12 years old

“I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to make friends, today I’m surrounded by friends.”
Marilou 14 ans


“Léman hope trip is a lot of discovery, a lot of freedom. Thank you for these unforgettable moments.”
Nino 14 ans


“The cruise taught me to overcome my fear”.
Sohail 13 years old